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About us



We are a media agency that is located in Stockholm. We create proffesional websites, TV Streaming, flyers and video recording. Onekmedia is a part of Rhema International Ministries, wich is an non-profit christian organisation. Our vision is to provide media(websites, radio & TV streaming, videos and flyers) in high quality to the small companies, organisations, christian artists and churches.


We provide media in high quality and the price is very cheap. We also strive to give to our partners and clients a proffesional and outstanding service.

Our main services are:

  • Proffesional websites

    We provide websites in responsive design, which means to make your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones). Our website is build in Joomla and Wordpress. They are the best CMS in the world. 
  • Radio & TV Streaming

     We provide radio and TV streaming that is allow to have VOD(video in Demand) and live streaming. We can also  create a proffesional website that include the radio & TV streaming.
  • Video recording 

    We can record video such as film documentary or promotional video  if want to reach your target group. It can be through our media, and we can also provide a DVD.
  • Flyers

    : We provide proffesional flyers for differents activies. Our flyers are designed in differents format, A6, A4, A3, A2

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